Clothes Airers – The Slow Life Wins

The tyranny of clothes washing and drying which keeps us all trapped in its cycle is about to be defeated by the simple clothes airer.

Washing is automatic these days but drying gives us all a chore, which usually depends on space and the weather. Sunny days mean lots of outdoor drying but in countries where weather is completely unpredictable the clothes airer can be our constant best friend.

The conventional clothes airer is often a simple folded frame, which takes up valuable floor space. In cramped city apartments where space is strictly limited clothes drying is often relegated to the launderette.

The wall mounted airer solves the space problem by utilizing space that often goes unused. High up on the wall using plastic coat hangers to hang larger items. With its feature of fully retractable plastic coated rods the wall mounted clothes airer can be folded away out of sight until needed.

There are other natural drying airers such as the wall mounted washing line , which is fully retractable and locks into position when extended. The wall mounted airer can be designed to give huge washing line space by running three or four lines across a room. Ideal for over the bath. The washing line airer is a must for growing families especially those living in apartments.

The disabled, those confined to the house and those who do not like to venture out after dark can benefit. The clothes airer range gives them security without the loss of drying time.

Speaking about time the natural rhythm of drying clothes on a clothes airer takes a longer time and uses the indoor heat already generated. Clothes dry at their own pace, some quicker than others. Those that are fast dryers can be removed when dry freeing up space for more wet laundryto be added.

The slow pace of drying echoes the sort of life we ​​all seek, the natural life without hurry or stress. With a clothes airer drying system you can load it up, put the kettle on and take time for yourself – enjoy the slow life granted by a clothes airer.

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